ACE Reporting



Captioning or CART (Computer-Assisted Real-time Transcription or Translation) is, in most circumstances, provided for the deaf, deafened and hard-of-hearing person.   Only a certified court reporter, using an electronic stenotype machine with real-time software, can provide this service.   The court reporter’s laptop and the recipient’s laptop are both loaded with the real-time software.  Instant word-for-word, voice-to-text translation is displayed across both screens or through an overhead projector for many to view.   There is preparation in which the court reporter must do ahead of the captioning service in order to include certain spellings of names and words into their real-time software, otherwise, the word or name could be shown as phonetic or untranslate.

The product received is considered a rough-draft; however, an accurate transcription can be provided at an agreed-upon time.  Captioning or CART can also be used for people who do not speak English well in order that they can read everything that is spoken.

CART can be used in classrooms, training sessions, courtrooms, conventions, conferences and meetings.  Experience and training is an important part of becoming a CART provider.   CART can also be used in a courtroom setting for the deaf, deafened and hard-of-hearing person.