ACE Reporting


Real-Time Reporting

Real-time Reporting is a specialized service provided by a certified court reporter; one whom provides you with an instantaneous on-screen transcript of the proceedings in the English language.  The electronic steno machine is connected to a laptop and as the proceedings are being taken down by the court reporter at speeds that can reach 300 wpm, the specialized software immediately translates the electronic notes into the English language through specialized CAT (computer aided software).

The transcript is transmitted through live feed to the participant’s lap top and is considered a rough draft.   The rough-draft transcript can also be saved to the participant’s lap top to be reviewed after the proceedings.   If a certified transcript is required, such transcript is proofread at a later time, a hard-copy transcript is printed or provided electronically in a time period requested by the client.  Each participant must have their own laptop with real-time software loaded prior to any real-time reporting services.   Some software programs must also have the utilization of wireless or hardwire internet. There is also preparation prior to the proceedings in which the court reporter must obtain certain documents for spellings of names, places, as well as spellings of words; otherwise, the steno notes will not translate into English and will be phonetic or untranslated.

As there is a very high degree of skill, technical ability and knowledge required with real-time reporting, prior notice must be provided when a real-time reporter is required. Real-time reporting can be used for note purposes and only a court reporter, who graduated from a court reporting or real-legal time college, would be able to provide such a service.  The proceedings are managed by the court reporter in order that the most readable rough-draft transcript can be provided.  It is important for the real-time writer to interrupt if more than one person speaks at the same time, if the court reporter does not hear or understand a word or words, or if the person is speaking too fast.

Having a real-time reporter attend your proceeding will save hours of time reviewing handwritten notes.