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Transcription Services is a unique and professional service provided by A.C.E. Reporting Services Inc. experienced court reporters and transcriptionists.   Our team provides transcription services throughout Canada of a wide array of audio-to-text and video-to-text transcription services.   Our team has extensive experience in transcribing all facets of any Court proceedings throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario in the English and French languages. Transcripts are prepared from a numerous variety of recordings such as cassettes, DVDs, CDs, digital audio files (wav, au, mp3) and video files (mpeg, avi, mp4).

Audio recordings in whatever format are provided to A.C.E. Reporting for transcription by either having the audio couriered through a secure courier service, hand-delivered, picked up by a staff member or emailed/uploaded to our secure FTP site.   Uploading capabilities are provided by A.C.E. Reporting at no cost to the client in which each client has their own personal, secure password protected folder.   Transcript formats are conformed and converted to Word, PDF and ASCII and delivered within an agreed-upon time frame.

A.C.E. Reporting considers every file confidential and holds confidentiality agreements with all staff members.  Full-time Project Managers are assigned to specific government and nongovernment contracts.

Transcribing the “spoken word” is crucial for accurate, verbatim transcripts in which only experienced court reporters or professional transcriptionists can provide.  A.C.E. Reporting has built a reputation throughout the past 15 years for providing high quality, verbatim transcripts in an expedited manner.

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